4 Cheap Box Mods That Perform Nicely

Since rebuildable atomizers have become such a popular item for avid vapers, a plethora of inexpensive box mods have been build to meet the demand. The top manufacturers have now produced an extensive range of devices in order to accommodate these power hungry RBAs.

Even though there has been a rapid boom in unregulated mods, regulated mods have also created a significant buzz. Manufacturers have found a way to increase wattage as well as decrease limitations related to what these type of devices are able to support. However, with the next generation of powerful mods, the cost has also gone up.

The mods are far better and feature greater technology than the previous generation. But the cost has become too high for the casual vaper. If you’re just a casual vaper or you don’t want to spend a whole days paycheck on your mod, then don’t. Below are some of the latest cheap box mods to consider. Don’t let the price tag fool you, these mods are great!

Top Rated Inexpensive Box Mods

1. Eleaf iStick

e leaf cheap modEleaf is one of the brands available through Shenzhen iSmoka Electronics Company, established in the year 2008. The iStick is a personal advanced vaporizer. It features a metallic and fancy appearance and is available in four vibrant colors. These colors include Blue, Red, Silver and Black. One of the standout features of this product is it small size. It is actually smaller than the super small and popular Vapor Shark DNA. This makes the device a comfortable and good for portability and convenience.

This palm-friendly mod features up to 20 watts of power. It has more than enough battery life so you’ll never be left stranded. One of the best standout features is the 2200mAh Li-Ion Battery. You can recharge it through the Micro-USB port on the bottom part of the box mod. The price tag is extremely impressive and will only set you back a measly $34.99.

2. Tobeco zGripper

Tobeco-zGripperShenzhen Tobeco Technology Company  was established in 2009 in China. It is one of the more well-known e-cig manufacturers. This company operates from 1000 square meter plant that is home to 10 production lines. Tobeco is more widely known for their clones. But they are also gaining notoriety for their superior quality products and low prices. The Tobeco zGripper is one of the newer devices. It’s also a type of clone to the ZNA by the House of Hybrids.

The Tobeco zGripper has a strange appearance. When comparing it to other devices, it looks totally different. But this unique design will leave you thinking about the clever form factor. It is available in 5 colors that include Silver, Gold, Green, Blue and Black. The appearance is not the only attractive feature. The unique button is pretty darn cool. It gives you the feeling that you are pulling on a trigger. Most of the cheap box mods on the market have flat buttons.

Other stand out features include the 36 watts of intense power and the aluminum, steel body and copper pin. However, with all these features, there’s one thing that takes the cake. This particular box mod really stands out in the price category. It has an amazing price tag of only $69.99!

3. Cloupor DNA 30

Cloupor-DNA-30The Shenzhen Cloupor Technology Company is one of the best high-tech manufacturers. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, they place a heavy focus on advanced vaporizers. The majority of the consumers in this industry are aware of the Cloupor DNA 30. It was originally known as the Hana Modz Pack V3. Cloupor cloned this device to ensure every single feature was included. They then released the clone under the favorable Chinese branding.

The device has been able to entice the markets with its vibrant and beautiful colors. It also sports a smooth, comfortable and durable feel.

Not really into the colors? No big deal. If it is not the stunning colors which attracts you, then the power will do the trick. It is able to reach 30 watts of power! The tactile and clicky buttons that control this DNA 30 are also very nice. Other features that make the device standout are the Micro-USB port and the 510 threading. The face of this device made for simple charging. You get all these fantastic features at a mere $59.99. It’s a significantly cheaper box mod than most of the mods on the market.

4. Pioneer4You IPV V2.1

inexpensive-mod-Pioneer4You-IPV-V2The majority of vapers have visited the Pioneer4You website at least once. It’s super popular among the vaping community. However, most people don’t know the original manufacturer. The original manufacturer is actually known as Green Leaf Technology. It is based in Shenzhen, China. The Green Leaf follows a similar path as Cloupor and Eleaf. They create authentic and original devices. Creating authentic devices is much welcomed. The clone market is getting out of hand. Some people are passing off clones as authentic and charging a fortune.

These innovative and new designs are coming from the focus of Green Leaf’s management. They’re refocusing on the electronic cigarette development, production, and research. This company entered into the markets in the year 2013 and is now manufacturing some of the top rated box mods.


The outer simplicity is what creates interest in this particular model. The top rated IPV V2 also garnered a lot of attention. It features a 510 connection and touch sensor that replaces the button. However, you can choose to disable the touch sensor and make use of a hard fire button. The button is featured just above the screen. This allows it to be used just like any other type of electronic-cigarette device.

Another standout features on this box mod is the OLED screen. The screen is featured on the side of this mod. You’ll also find the metal buttons that adjust menu settings and wattage along the side. The micro-USB port is on the same side as all the other features. This IPV V2 is the 2nd version for the Green Leaf IPV series of cheap box mods. The first IPV was called the IPV V1. It offered 35 watts derived from the SX-330 Chip. This improvement in the 2nd version offers an outstanding 50 watts from its SX-330 Version 2 Chip.

It also can go up to around 8.5 Volts. It features low resistance protection, low voltage protection, reverse battery protection, output short circuit protection, and high input voltage warning. The reason this device is considered a top choice is the $110 price tag. That’s a pretty inexpensive box mod when you consider all the features and the power.