rocket 3 vape pen for saleThank you for visiting Vape Pen For Sale. Our site is dedicated to putting the best vape pens all in one place, so you can easily compare them and make an educated purchasing decision. If you would like us to add a vape pen to our site, send us an email via the contact form. We’re debating whether or not we should add more advanced devices, such as mechanical mods. Right now we have posted several starter devices. They are solid pens that will get you vaping right away.

The Rebel and the Rocket are really good devices. They have nice size batteries and tanks. They’ll last for a very long time and will hold you over for years. If you like vaping, you’ll buy a new mod before that. But regardless, the Rebel and the Rocket are solid devices that are versatile and will take care of you. The Pro3 is a starter pen. It’s not as versatile as the other two, but it’ll get the job done. It’s not the pen that you want to use for years. It’s a good, cheap first pen that you’ll use to see if vaping is for you or not. Once you get the hang of vaping and decide to stay vaping, you’ll want to upgrade to a more powerful and versatile device. You probably won’t want to jump straight from the Pro 3 to a mech mod. Ease your way up. Mechanical mods are a whole other ball game and should not be taken lightly.

Why Start With Easy-To-Use Devices

When you’re relatively new to vaping, you want to make sure you have as good experience as reasonably possible. That way you can make an unbiased judgment on whether you want to continue vaping or not. If you try to jump to an advanced device right away, that could ruin your vaping experience. Your first few vaping attempts are the most important. It’ll frame your mind for the rest of your life. That’s why we recommend you start with a beginner friendly device. It’s important to give vaping a good shot to see if you can make the switch.